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Join us each Sunday morning from 9 - 9:45 am as we take the path towards becoming true disciples of Jesus! He told us to go and make disciples, not just get saved. In order to do that we are offering all of our church family a class to help them grow in Christ. The Adult Class, Healing the Sick/Faith is led by Pastor Connie & Brenda Dulaney and meets in the Chapel. All of the other classes meet in the Education Building. There are classes for: Young Adults led by Pastor Stacey Barker, Youth (teens) led by Jason & Leah Albright, Grades 4-6 led by Pastor Yoeli Sepulveda, Grades K-3 led by Pastor Abigail Steger, Preschool led by Deborah Albright and the Nursery aged children will be cared for in the Nursery. We ask all parents to please collect your students immediately following the end of class at 9:45 and then accompany them to the Sanctuary or TNT as needed. we look forward to seeing all of you in class this week!